Insomnia or sleeplessness, is a disorder that can be found among people of all age groups. The reason for this kind of a condition is the lack of melatonin, talking strictly regarding medical science. Further, other factors like stress, depression, etc. also have their share of affecting a person’s sleep.

In women, this condition is most likely to occur during their menopause phase, while diseases related to the respiratory system and heart might also leave a person looking at cures for insomnia. Let’s take a look at the situation on a more detailed level.   Health is of primary concern for anybody ailing from insomnia. One should really avoid consuming heavy meals, as well as the consumption of sweets before going to bed. Beverages like tea, coffee or alcohol also lead to deprivation of sleep, and must not be consumed in the late evening hours. There should be a substantial gap of 2 hours at least between dinner and going to bed so that the food gets properly digested and does not cause hindrance in the sleeping process.

Another one of the most effective cures for insomnia is to stop sleeping in unfriendly conditions like when a source of light is switched on, reading while lying down on the bed, etc. There must also be a fixed time of sleep, and there should not be a variation of more than half an hour in case a person has starter experiencing sleeplessness. 

There are also many drugs and seemingly natural cures for insomnia, but let me tell you that all of them are fake, and often do more harm than good, with numerous side effects to their credit! The most sever of these is liver damage, which is certainly a hefty price to pay even for a sound sleep. The best way to ensure that one is treated of this disorder is to take the truly natural way without any medications so that there are no harmful side effects, and the person does not ever experience sleeplessness again. 

Take your dinner at least 4 hours ahead of your bedtime. Digestive problems often aggravate insomnia, and hence, it is best to avoid the problem altogether.  Kava kava: This herb is mainly grown in areas nearby the Southeastern Islands. The inhabitants of these areas have used this herb for treating anxiety-related sleeping disorders.  Apart from this method, there are more direct ways of fighting sleep apnea effectively. A good example is a method known as homeopathy.

This is usually another effective way of curing this condition of sleep apnea and ensuring that one gets good sleep.  You should try and do some regular exercises as they help in ensuring the blood circulates in your body well and this is helpful.   Fortunately, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) will be able to help you. EFT primarily deals with a person’s energy systems, easing blockages in energy channels that arise when a person contemplates or gets engrossed in a particularly disturbing circumstance. EFT releases the blockage through a remarkable but scientifically-based tapping routine.