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Published: 2014-07-08 13:39:15 Posted by: Sleep net author: Sleep network From: Views sleep Network: Summary: With the accelerated pace of life, coupled with the work and rest is not good, people The spirit is often in a state of tension, causing many people to lose sleep, which brings a lot of pain and trouble. Taking a sleeping pill, although it can be temporarily solved
With the accelerated pace of life, coupled with the combination of work and rest, the human spirit is often in a state of tension, causing many people to lose sleep, thus bringing a lot of pain and trouble. Taking sleeping pills, although temporarily relieve the troubles of insomnia, but “is a three-point drug”, long-term use will not only have side effects, but also drug dependence. In daily life, the effect of regulating sleep can be achieved through diet conditioning.

Milk contains two hypnotic substances: one is tryptophan, which can promote the secretion of a sleepy neurotransmitter from the brain’s nerve cells – serotonin; the other is the regulation of physiological functions. The action of the peptides makes people feel comfortable and helps to relieve fatigue and merge into sleep. For people who are neurasthenia caused by physical weakness, the sleeping effect of milk is more obvious. Drinking before going to bed can make people fall asleep, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.
2. Millet: In all grains, millet contains tryptophan ## is rich. In addition, millet contains a lot of starch, it is easy to produce a sense of food and clothing after eating, can promote the secretion of insulin, increase the amount of tryptophan into the brain.
3. Walnut: It is a good nutritious nourishing food. It has been proven to improve the quality of sleep. Therefore, it is commonly used to treat symptoms such as neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness and dreams. The specific method of eating is with black sesame seeds, mashed into a paste, taking ##5 grams before going to bed, the effect is very obvious.
4. Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds contain a variety of amino acids and vitamins, which can regulate metabolism, improve brain cell inhibition, and calm and soothe the nerves. After dinner, some sunflower seeds can also promote the secretion of digestive juice, which is good for digestion and stagnation, and helps sleep.
5. Jujube: It is rich in protein, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It has the functions of supplementing the five internal organs, benefiting the spleen and stomach, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves. It has significant curative effect on multiple dreams, insomnia and mental paralysis caused by qi and blood weakness. After dinner, use jujube soup to drink, or take red dates to add water to boil, add rock sugar, gelatin simmer into a paste, sleep before eating .
6. Honey: It has the effect of Buzhongyiqi, Anwujian, Hebaibaijie Jiebaidu, effective for neurasthenia insomnia
7. Vinegar: Contains a variety of amino acids and organic acids, the effect of eliminating fatigue is very obvious, you can use a tablespoon of vinegar to add warm water to take. After the drink, calmly close your eyes and help you fall asleep.
8. Lotus seeds: have the effect of calming the nerves. Lotus seeds contain lotus root, aromatic sputum, have a calming effect, can promote the pancreas to secrete insulin, making people fall asleep.
9. Lily: Lily can clear the heart and calm the nerves, suitable for people with neurasthenia and restless sleep. Generally use raw lily 60 ~ 90 grams, honey # # ~ 2 spoon, mix and steam, take half an hour before going to bed.
##0. lettuce: There is a milky white serum in the lettuce skin, which has the effect of calming the nerves and is suitable for people with neurasthenia and insomnia. Lettuce with skin slices to cook soup, take a sleep before going to bed to help sleep.
####. Whole wheat bread: Eating a whole wheat bread while drinking honey water will help promote insulin secretion. Insulin is converted into serotonin in the brain, which helps tryptophan affect the brain and promote it. Sleep.