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Published: 2016-10-11 16:58:11 Posted by: in the vein of the original author Technology: Network from sleep: sleep Network Views: Summary: Human life is almost one-third of the time sleeping, how to have Good sleep is a big event in life. Many people will suffer from various insomnia due to stress in life, working pears, etc.
Almost one-third of a person’s life is sleeping. How to have a good sleep is a big event in life. Many people will suffer from various insomnia due to stress in life, work, pears, etc., and the feeling of wanting to sleep and can’t sleep is really hard! Zhongmai Technology tells you that the habit of sleeping is the usual habit. If you have a good sleep, you can have a healthier body. How to develop good sleep habits?

##, to ensure adequate sleep time. Ample sleep time can guarantee health. Generally, normal adults need 7-8 hours of sleep time, not too little or too much, but nowadays various chronic diseases are increasing and younger, mostly because many young people Staying up late, getting up late at night, or being lazy or not sleeping can lead to insufficient sleep, which greatly increases the risk of illness and death.

2. Don’t turn black and white upside down. Many people may sleep for a long time, but the time to choose to sleep is also very important. ##佳的时间 is night ##0:00 sleep, but now people are difficult to do, but ##少 can choose in ## 2:00 to sleep, so 7:00 in the morning also ## less than 7 hours, do not stay up late to sleep in the early morning, resulting in chaotic sleep time, disrupting the body’s biological clock, will seriously affect the health and diet of defecation Health leads to unhealthy body. We will find a phenomenon that people who have the right sleep time will be mentally motivated the next morning, and if they stay up late, even if they sleep from 4 pm to 4 pm the next day, sleep enough ##2 hours, but, face Still sallow, and people can’t afford the spirit.

3. The correct sleeping position. This is also very important, the correct posture can make you live a higher quality sleep, it is recommended to sleep in the right side, do not sleep, do not sleep too long, sleep is not conducive to the health of the heart It will be a nightmare. Sleeping upright will hinder the smoothness of the respiratory tract and make it easy to fight.

4, noon ##好小憩 a meeting. Nap is to relieve the pressure of the heart, the body’s internal organs are ## tired, we can make the heart slower by a little while at noon, so that it can also reduce some of the burden, which is good for the health of the body. Because this life has been born in the mother’s womb to the world we are leaving, the heart is beating, and the number of beats of the heart is limited. It can be enough to ensure that enough sleep is to raise the heart. Life expectancy, the life of the heart is prolonged, and the life span of human beings is naturally prolonged.

Summary: Adjust the time of sleep, sleep naturally at night, sleep well, work during the day will also experience ample, Zhongmai Technology reminds, sleep peacefully, sleep well, is the quality of sleep!